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Advertising Management System Tour

The algebrahelp.com Advertising Management System is a custom application which gives us unique ad serving capabilities.  The system can embed the code for an ad directly into webpages with the advantage that ads load with the rest of the page.  The result is that ads are more effective because they are presented to visitors for a longer time than with similar ad serving methods.

Because our Advertising Management System was developed in house, we are able to extend its capabilities to meet needs that are unique to our clients.  We can provide special features which may be necessary to a specific advertiser, or a specific campaign.

In addition to providing advanced ad serving capabilities, our system provides advertisers with detailed reporting which includes views, clicks, cost, and other data.  The reports are generated in real time, with sensitive data protected by SSL.  The screenshots below show sample reports generated by a fictitious user, "user@example.net" for her company, "example.net".

Account Home Page

Advertiser Account Page Screenshot

User@example.net has been granted access to the "example.net". The account home page shows that this account currently has two ads running, one which is near completion. A quick summary of each of each campaign is shown with several metrics.

Campaign Name: A name provided for convenient identification of a campaign.
Start Date: The date that the ad began running.
End Date: The date that the ad ended, or [N/A] when the ad is still running.
Views: The number of times that an ad has been viewed so far.
Views Quota: The number of times that an ad was clicked on, with the user being redireced to the client website.
Clicks: The number of clicks on the ad.
Clicks Quota: A limit on the number of clicks that an ad campaign may receive. The campaign will end when this number of clicks is reached. If "[none]" is indicated, then the number of clicks is unlimited.
CTR: Click-Thru Ratio. The percentage of ad views that result in clicks. Example: a ctr of 3% indicates that for every 100 times an ad has been shown, 3 clicks are recorded.
Accrued Cost: The cost of the ad campaign so far.

Ad Detail View

The image below is the result of clicking on the "Pilot HTML Ad - Summer Sale Promo." link on the Account Home Page.

Specific Campaign Detail Website
Summary: The data in this section is the same as the data sown on the Account View page.
Ad Code: This is the HTML code that is used to display the ad. The Ad Code may be created by algebrahelp.com or supplied by the client.
Ad Sample: This shows how the ad will look when it is on a page.
Target URL: When a user clicks on the ad, he or she will be redirected to this URL.
Page Targets: This section lists all of the pages or groups of pages that the ad will be displayed on. In this case, the ad is targetted to the Front Page (algebrahelp.com). It is possible to target nearly any page or group of pages on algebrahelp.com.

Range Reports

This feature allows users to generate a day-by-day breakdown of performance each campaign.

Range Report Example

The range report shown is displayed as a standard web page (HTML).   This report may also be displayed as an Acrobat PDF which is formatted for printing on letter sized paper, as shown below.

Range Report Example


Do you have questions on our Advertising Management System or advertising sales in general? Please contact us.

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