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Equation Calculator with Substitution Support

The Equation Calculator with Substitution is a Java calculator which simplifies and solves equations. Before you enter the equation calculator, be sure to read over the following instructions/guidelines:

  1. To enter a variable or number with an exponent such as x2, use the ^ symbol to show that the following digits are an exponent. For example: 10x2y3 would become 10x^2y^3 You can get the ^ symbol by pressing the shift and the number 6 keys simultaneously.
  2. To enter multiplication use the * symbol (press shift and the number 8 keys simultaneously). When multiplying two polynomials in parentheses or a polynomial in parentheses and a term, the * is not necessary because the calculator will automatically multiply.
  3. Enter values which you would like to substitute a variable for in the substitution box, one per line. If you have an equation which you do not need to substitute any variables before solving use the original Equation Calculator or simply leave the substitution box empty.

If you are confused, the calculator will show and solve an example equation. To do this, proceed to the calculator then click the example button. For more examples of how to enter equations into the calculator, click here.

Desupport Notice

This calculator is not currently supported. Additionally, it is not subject to the same testing procedures that are used for the development of other calculators on algebrahelp.com. An improved version of this calculator is being planned and developed.
Equation Calculator With Substitution
Proceed to the equation calculator.
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